juan alonso


Videoinstalation, Variable Dimensions, 2009

The Project “A day as any other day” is organized around four human statues that earn their living in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, and who share an illegal migratory status. They are, Kleber Cantos, a peasant from Ecuador; William Jaramillo from Colombia, and who in his native land performed all sorts of occupations related to dance and recreation; Edwin Solache and Maribel Aguilar, mexicans, trained in the acting and drama.  They all came to Europe in search of new horizons, for different personal motives, and now they earn their living dressed as legendary or fiction characters in Las Ramblas.

Despite the fact that the status of illegal migrant is generally associated with negative aspects as delinquency or exploitation, these persons feel not only that their work is dignifying but also they do like it, and what is most important, they are not exploited by any employer. They feel free, earn enough as to have a decent standard of living in Barcelona, and even are able to send money to their families in Latin America.
This Project was exhibited at the “X CUENCA INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNIAL “, in Cuenca, Ecuador, as a video installation consisting of 50 photographs (3,2 inches high) taken of these statues sharing with different tourists in Las Ramblas. Photograhies were cut from cardboard sheets and given tridimensional shape, to make little statues out of the original images. Along with the statues three videos lasting 10 minutes per video were installed in 9’ screens, and presenting to the audience a narrative on the personal history of each one of them. A final component of the display was a dummy of the Indian with a height of 68 inches to allow attendants to interact with it.