juan alonso

Curatorial comissioned exhibition for the "XX International Art Biennial of Cerveira" in representation of Javeriana University and University of los Andes, August 10th to September 23rd, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal, 2018


“Post-photography hides behind the photograph, which becomes the simple facade of a building whose interior structure has been comple- tely remodelled”
Joan Fontcuberta

In the face of all the profusion of digital photographic images at glo- bal level, a culture that the Catalan artist and theoretician Joan Fon- tcuberta called “post-photography” began to emerge, which is nothing more than photography applied to online life. Within this same idea, the- re is a re ection of several artists regarding the need to stop saturating the contemporary visual world with more and more images, throu- gh which an idea of recycling, appropriation or, as Fontcuberta says, to “adopt” already existing images in order to give them a new meaning wi- thin contemporary plastic projects.

This idea of post-photography is also very close to what Clément Chéroux calls “vernacular photography”, which starts with archival images usually without artistic purpose, but when an artist decontextualizes and inserts them into a contemporary art project, giving it a new meaning, they cease to be utilitarian images to become vernacular. This exhibition is based on exercises carried out in photography classes with the post-photographic and vernacular theme, held by students from Ponti cal Xavierian Univer- sity and the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.

Juan Alonso, curator