juan alonso


Action and videoinstalation, variable dimensions, 2009

In 2009 for the “V JAVERIANA UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS BIENNIAL ” I invited Photographer Don MIGUEL MUÑOZ, who has a wide and vast experience in the use of the technique of “Fotoagüitas” (or Photography Box Camera) for over 40 years, to come to  the University campus, and take pictures to people coming in and out from the campus.

He performed his work charging his usual fee per picture. He gave me the negatives of the photographs taken which I kept as part of the Project’s memory. In this way the project was developed partly as a type of “photographic action” at the University, while the negatives were placed at an Exhibition Hall of the Art Department. The positives were scanned and placed in the website.

Later on the Project is invited to participate in “FOTOGRÁFICA BOGOTÁ 2009”, and the Memory is exhibited at the Bogotá Archives Exhibition Hall.

The same webpage used for the event remains with slight modifications.