juan alonso


Light Painting, Variable Dimensions, 2008-2016

The camera obscura, definitely, has given at the same time both the perspective picture, the Photography and the Dioram, being these the three arts in play. But if the Photo seems to be closer to Drama, is due to a singular mediator: …. Death. It is well known the original relation of Drama with the cult of the Dead: the first actors were prominent in society by representing the role of the Dead: to put make up on meant to name oneself as a living and dead body at the same time: whitened chest of the totemic theater, a man with the painted face in the Chinese Theater, rice-paste make up of the Indian Katha Kali, mask of the Japanese Nô. And this is the very same relation I find in the Photo: no matter how we strive in conceive it as living (and this passion to “bring it out alive” can be no more than the mythical denial of a motionless ill feeling of death), the Photo is like a primitive theater, as a Living Picture, the figuration of an aspect motionless and daubed under which we see the death” (Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida).

These images do not have any type of digital retouch