juan alonso


Pinhole Photography, 100 x 70 cms., 2002-2004

The Project “MASKS” takes its theme from urban characters who disguise themselves as a way of earning a living, transforming their faces and hence acquiring a new role, a new personality, a new mask.

The Project was developed in Bogotá and Barcelona.

Part of this series go in the PINHOLE RESOURCE COLLECTION at the NEW MEXICO HISTORY MUSEUM, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, in 2015.

“MASKS” was granted Second Prize at the “11 Documentary Contest. The Works and the Days”, Trade Union National School in Medellín, 2005. It has also been presented at “PHOTOLOGY 4. Bogota International Photography Festival 2005”; at the “5th Documentary and Photographies Exhibition in Latinamerica”, Albacete Municipal Museum, Albacete, Spain, 2005; at the “4th Biennial of Colombian Photography” in the Art Hall of Suramericana, Medellín, 2004; and in “El Municipal. 1st Photography Art Exhibition”, in El Callejón Art Show, Bogotá, 2002.