juan alonso

Video mapping, 2018
Patasola Collective (Juan Alonso, Ximena Velásquez)

The work"Meditations" is part of the project "The last trip of Lenin", a fine arts research about the sculpture of Saint Ignatius of Loyola located in the frontis of the Church of Christ King in Pasto - Nariño, of which it is said which is not the representation of the Jesuit saint, but that of Vladimir Lenin.

For the development of this piece, it was commissioned to build a bust of the saint, a renowned sculptor of the Carnival of Blancos y Negros (Pasto), Andrés Barrera, who uses current techniques for the production of carriages, gives us a free version of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, which we intervene with a video projection, provoking a state of confusion between the revolutionary speech and the hymn song of Jesuit.

This project was presented in the "Assonant", at Casa Bolívar, under the curator of Andrés Ñáñez, between December 12, 2018 and January 5, 2019.