juan alonso


Digital Print o vinyl, 170 x 125 cms., 2001-2002

This is a project that takes advertising clowns in Bogotá as its central theme. These clowns are seen as characters of cultural and popular significance, but largely ignored by the majority of inhabitants of the city. 

Photographies of Clowns (68 x 50,8 inches) were placed at the publicity mupies in bus stations for a period of four months, changing locations every two weeks during October 2001 to January 2002. The idea behind exhibiting the pictures was that people, while watching the image at the bus stop station? and during their ride, could come to a conscious appreciation of the image of the clown, integrating it to the general symbolism of the city, and with the image in mind to pose themselves questions in relation to the image they saw.

This thesis was directed by Juan Fernando Herrán and Myriam Luisa Díaz and it was rated “Meritorious” at Los Andes University, and given Second Prize at the “8th NATIONAL CONTEST OF DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY: THE WORKS AND THE DAYS”, Medellín, 2002.



THESIS TEXT (In Spanish only)